10 Decisions That Killed Video Game Sequels EVERYBODY Wanted

9. Dead Space 4

Sleeping Dogs

When the original Dead Space launched back in 2008, it was coming right off the heels of the game that redefined the survival horror genre; Resident Evil 4. Dead Space 2 launched in 2011 to critical acclaim, but then something happened that threw the franchise off course.

Dead Space 3 was largely considered the worst game in the series, being accused of taking the franchise off into a more action-heavy direction. Despite this, Dead Space 3 still shipped 4 million copies. This was a number that Electronic Arts wasn't terribly fond of, citing a requirement of five million units.

This, along with an apparent lack of interest from the EA higher-ups, doomed what promised to be a very ambitious fourth entry. According to creative director Ben Wanat, Dead Space 4 was intended to be more of a non-linear experience and feature some pretty startling revelations about who or what the Necromorphs really are.

Not only that, but series protagonist Isaac Clarke was scheduled to sit this one out and Ellie Langford was envisioned as the main hero of DS4. All of these elements pointed to a Dead Space 4 that was going to be very different, which could have been nothing but a good thing for the series moving forward.

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