10 Devastating RPG Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere

The Siege of Kaer Morhen left a mark.

the witcher 3 vesemir death
CD Projekt RED

From falling off the edge of the screen to being peppered with a bombardment of bullets, death and video games have always gone hand in hand.

However, in the world of role-playing titles, where actions have consequences and storylines are designed to pack a punch, deaths can become much more gut-wrenching.

Scriptwriting is one of the most underrated parts of making a memorable title, but video game developers have consistently shown they know how to make an impactful demise for some of their best characters.

Of course, writers have the advantage when it comes to raising the stakes, with players spending hours with their characters, going on adventures together, and seeing every part of their personality develop over the course of a playthrough.

So, when it comes to seeing these characters meeting their maker, it's hard not to feel like an old family friend is saying their farewells, especially when that demise comes out of the blue in the most thespian of circumstances.

10. Blackbeard - Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

the witcher 3 vesemir death

Edward Thatch is probably the most infamous name associated with the Golden Age of Piracy, and his inclusion in Assassin's Creed: Black Flag helped make the game the colourful experience it was.

In the game, Blackbeard is shown to be one of the most outlandish but also layered pirates Edward Kenway works with. The game does a wonderful job of highlighting parts of Thatch's persona that typical history books skip out on: he shows how his theatrics are a means of avoiding conflict and acts as Edward's chief mentor through the first half of the game's story.

So, whilst Blackbeard is a historical figure whose demise is a well-told part of his tale, his actual death in-game is still a shocking one to play through.

Following his retirement party, Blackbeard and Kenway are ambushed by the Royal Navy. The fight leads both pirates to the flagship Man O' War where Thatch is soon overwhelmed and subjected to a bloody death at the hands of the British.

Players are utterly helpless and are made to watch a fitting end to a legendary pirate, with Blackbeard's 'In a world without gold, we might have been heroes' going down as one of the great final lines in gaming.


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