10 Devastating Video Game Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere - Commenter Edition

Final Fantasy fans have spent nearly 25 years trying to bring Aerith back. But they can't.

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Recently, we covered off 10 Devastating Video Game Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere and you guys took to the comments section to let us know which other tragic demises really should have made the list.

Far be it for me to deny you the sadness of remembering these untimely and largely unwelcome deaths, you guys want another list, you got it. From charismatic main characters to a faithful steed, there have been plenty of beloved characters we’ve been sad to see go.

10. Aerith - Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Aerith death
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First up I’ll go with the obvious entry and one that many of you were quick to highlight on our last video.

In a tragic sequence of events that even made Robert Pattinson cry, Aerith’s death was a brutal blow for fans. When Final Fantasy VII came out it wasn’t commonplace to kill off main characters, especially ones that the game has you play as in battle and buy equipment for. Aerith as a person was also a fast favourite for players due to her upbeat personality and compassion, that stood in stark contrast to much of the game world she inhabited.

One of the main reasons this death has remained one of the most significant in gaming is that it’s absolutely ruthless. The gang arrives too late to help Aerith and instead see her get swiftly impaled by Sephiroth’s sword. The heartbreaking moment is underscored by Aerith’s theme, which makes an already painful loss hit just that much harder.

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