10 Developers Who Have Never Made A Bad Video Game

Take a bow, Rockstar.

Video Games

There are some monumentally talented people working in the video game industry. Symptomatic of just how little the average consumer knows about the sheer level of stress, hours invested and broad range of talents required to create a game in the first place, the medium tends to not be celebrated as much as film, where behind the scenes "making of" documentaries are commonplace.

Recommended are Double Fine's phenomenal "Double Fine Adventure" series showcasing how their own Broken Age went from idea to playable across many, many months, Danny O' Dwyer's NoClip channel that provides crowdfunded looks at gaming's most interesting stories, and Indie Game: The Movie, where you'll find the histories of Super Meat Boy, Braid and Fez.

So far so good, and they're certainly helping turn the tide, highlighting some of the industry's most ambitious and talented teams hard at work - but which are the studios that have never released a bad game? Be it because of a smaller pool of titles or just meticulous quality control over time, are your favourites completely spotless?

From triple-As to indies and everything in between, the following examples aren't meant to denigrate the collective efforts of all developers, and instead, let's celebrate the medium's finest.

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