10 Developers Who Have Never Made A Bad Video Game

10. Klei Entertainment

klei entertainment
Klei Entertainment

From Eets to Mark of the Ninja, Shank to Don't Starve and especially Invisible Inc., Klei have been one of the shiniest examples of how experimental and worthwhile the indie scene can be for years.

Just run down some of their choice cuts: Eets was a charming platformer, Shank instantly became a standout Xbox Live Arcade gem thanks to its Saturday morning cartoon look, then Mark of the Ninja proved the impossible and did one of the most feature-complete stealth games ever... in 2D.

Never content to rest on their laurels, Klei released Don't Starve - possibly the best, most pure survival game of all time - only to pivot again into Invisible, Inc., a turn-based strategy with endless tactical experimentation and another killer art style.

From risks that paid off to solid sequels and buckets of charm from lead artist Jeff Agala, Klei are still firing on all cylinders, 13 years later.

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