10 Dialogue Choices That Were Devastatingly Different From What Your Character Actually Said

Fallout 4's dialogue wheel is the worst.


Many great video games are built on the promise of freedom, of allowing players to explore vast, sprawling environments and truly transport themselves to another world.

In the RPG genre in particular, this also typically extends to giving players dialogue options to choose from, with the intent of creating a more personalised experience, where the player feels ownership over both their protagonist and the branching story.

But as fantastic as dialogue options can be, it's also extremely difficult for developers to get it all totally right, as evidenced by the countless games which have ended up leaving players confused if not furious with the misleading dialogue choices on offer.

These 10 games all infamously misled players with their vague or paradoxical dialogue options, ensuring that many players were left to deal with an inappropriate response or aggressive over-reaction from their protagonist, to the extent of perhaps even restarting the mission itself entirely.

Nobody's saying that creating complex dialogue trees is easy, but is it really that difficult to ensure players at least have a clear picture of their choices?...

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