10 Dialogue Choices That Were Devastatingly Different From What Your Character Actually Said

1. "Glass Him" - The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us
Telltale Games

But in what must surely be the most infamously off-kilter dialogue choice in recent video game history, we return to Telltale for their (mostly) fantastic fairytale noir romp The Wolf Among Us.

While protagonist Bigby is chewing the fat in a bar with The Woodsman, the player is given four options - "I already know this story," "Did you kill Faith?", "[Glass him]," and typically, a non-response option.

Picking the third option will result in Bigby grabbing his drink glass and smashing it over The Woodsman's head out of nowhere, and while this might've been obvious enough to British players more familiar with the colloquialism, to players in other English-speaking regions, it wasn't quite so clear.

Many assumed that "glassing" Woodsman meant to get him another drink, rather than, you know, violently assaulting him.

The option is honestly totally out of place no matter your playstyle, but all the more hilarious and shocking to those not familiar with the term.


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