10 Disgusting Video Game Achievements That Came Out Of Nowhere

Maybe DON'T stay in the room with your naked parents??

south park stick of truth

You can find all sorts of weird and wonderful achievements in video games. Some are very hard to get, some are hilarious, and some are a little bit yucky. We’re covering the latter.

Prepare yourself for a significant amount of poop jokes because things on this list are about to go big on the toilet humor scale very quickly.

From Snake getting caught with his snake out to watching your faithful furry companion relieve themselves, we’ve got you covered with plenty of achievements that range from twisted to grotesque and everything in between.


10. Testikill - Blitz: The League II

blitz the league testikill

Honestly, I just combined the name of a sports game with the word ‘testikill’ so I could probably just stop this entry here and you’d get the message, but let me walk you through it anyway.

Blitz: The League is an American football game that features a set of brutal Mortal Kombat-esque injury animations. There’s a lot to consider here gameplay-wise but you’re not here to find out how to play, you wanna hear about how many times you have to kick someone in the nuts to get an achievement.

Well, specifically, you’ll have to rupture 10 scrotums in any mode of play and then, boom, the ‘Testikill’ achievement is you rs.

If that sounds like a bit of a walk in the park, let’s run this animation back, because you’re going to be watching it ten times to get this achievement, anyway. Absolutely disgusting.


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