10 Disgusting Video Game Achievements That Came Out Of Nowhere

9. Gross! - The Forest

the forest

Much like our last entry, the title of this one already makes it suitable for our list but in a very, very different way.

2014 survival horror game The Forest features some truly tense gameplay moments, genuinely creepy villains, and an achievement for drinking water out of a cooler you definitely shouldn’t be drinking out of. That said, The Forest requires you to maintain your hunger and thirst metres so I guess you’d better take your sustenance where you can get it.

Even if that water does come from a cooler that happens to include a severed head. Drinking from this particular, almost-definitely-toxic water source will grant you the ‘Gross!’ achievement.

Quite a conversation piece for a mid-afternoon water cooler chat though, I guess.


Likes: Collecting maiamais, stanning Makoto, dual-weilding, using sniper rifles on PC, speccing into persuasion and lockpicking. Dislikes: Escort missions.