10 Disturbing Video Game Plot Twists You Didn't See Coming

Wait... are we the baddies?

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When done right, a plot twist is one of the most powerful means to progress a narrative forward.

Just when the reader, viewer, or in this case player gets comfortable and thinks they have a grasp of the situation, it is the perfect tool to pull the rug from underneath them, changing directions or dramatically shifting the tone.

In gaming, this is more often than not the reason for a twist and it could come at any time.

Throwing the player in a completely new situation, setting up events just a few hours in, or totally reshaping one entire playtime with one last revelation. Leaving an impression on players for years after they hit credits.

So over the years, the internet has been obsessed with the best twists in gaming, from a kind request to certain lying cake. But what are the most disturbing ones, and which games got truly dark towards the end?


Note: There are spoilers within.

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