10 Disturbing Video Game Plot Twists You Didn't See Coming

10. You Are What You Eat - Bugsnax

Bugsnax 2020
Young Horses

The world of Bugsnax is a colourful, yet deceptive one. On the surface, it is to be filled with Sesame Street looking fellows as they go about their days on Snaktooth Island. But on further inspection, it is clear that this luscious colour palette and big smiles are hiding something.

However, this isn’t down to the Grumpuses and their deep relationships their share, mostly being complicated. No, the disturbing turn actually comes in the form of the titular Bugsnax themselves. These half-bug, half-snak muppet looking critters might be delicious, but the last thing anyone should do is eat them.

Once the player and Filbo find Lizbert, she reveals in horrifying fashion, that the Bugsnaxs are actually parasites. They want to be eaten so they can make you become them.

Then the final part of the game becomes a weird suicide mission as the player has to try to save as many Grumpus’ as possible. This shift is wild, but certainly welcomed. Even after that is over, there's a Metal Gear Solid-style closing monologue.

And we all thought this was a kids game.

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