10 Disturbing Video Game Secret Areas You Regret Finding

No Skyrim, I don't want to find the room full of people I've killed.

doctor who Weeping Angels

As a species, we humans are absolutely obsessed with secrets and details. All you have to do is watch the documentary Room 237 and see just how much we scrutinise the art we consume, and how that sometimes pays off in glorious ways as we connect the dots nobody has before.

And failing that, just throw on one of those flat Earth Youtube documentaries, that'll probably do the trick as well.

Either way, it's no surprise that the same keen eye for detail made its way over to video games either. Because they're interactive, players set out to spend hours investigating everything in the hopes their curiosity will be rewarded and, a lot of times, it is.

In most cases, devs will throw players a secret area that couldn't be discovered without this commitment, and it feels absolutely glorious to uncover. Other times, however, players will stumble across an area that's nothing more than a trick, something so weird and punishing that it'll make you ever regret being so curious...


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