10 Divisive Video Game Characters You're COMPLETELY Wrong About

Jack Marston doesn't deserve the hate!

Jack Marston
Rockstar Games

The love of a video game within a community can be a fickle thing. Terrible game mechanics can ruin even the most loveable characters, while bad and boring ones can suddenly become the subject of unconditional adoration when someone turns them into a viral meme.

The rules for why certain characters are loved or hated can get pretty arbitrary at times, which is why the world of video games is full of examples of misunderstood and underrated characters.

Companions, villains, and playable characters alike can have truly captivating life stories or personality traits, but no one in the fandom seems to care because no one takes the time to understand them. The fans either focus all of their attention on other characters or immediately disregard the unpopular ones because they don’t catch on right off the bat.

However, these characters do deserve people’s attention. They can even possibly become your favorite characters if you just cast away the common misconceptions people have about them.

For this reason, let’s try to examine these misunderstood underdogs more closely and realize why there’s more to them than meets the eye.

10. Wyll - Baldur's Gate 3

Jack Marston
Larian Studios

When it comes to the cast of companions in Baldur's Gate 3, Wyll is probably not the first choice of favorite for most first-time players. On the surface, he seems like a boring, one-dimensional hero. When you first meet him, he introduces himself as the famed "Blade of Frontiers," the hero of the common folk that hunts down evil-doers and acts like a total goody-two-shoes in every situation.

It isn't until you delve a little deeper into his story that you realize Wyll is not quite as perfect as he pretends to be. Wyll is actually a warlock who signed a pact with a powerful devil in order to gain powers that would turn him into the hero of his people.

If this seems full of hypocrisy to you, it's because it is, and that's the first step to understanding why Wyll is actually a great character. He's the perfect deconstruction of the hero trope. He's a genuinely good man who's willing to sacrifice everything to save the day, but this sacrifice is also why he eventually becomes a monster himself, a puppet doing the devil's bidding.

He's the perfect reminder that the road to hell is usually paved with good intentions.


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