10 Divisive Video Games That Are Secretly The Best Entry

We REALLY need to get a handle on our expectations.

Batman Arkham Origins
Warner Bros.

Video game hype is the weirdest thing. Like yes, we'll all get carried away on a wave of screenshots, trailers, developer interviews and gameplay snippets, playing a mind's eye version of whatever game we're excited about until we can practically smell the power-ups.

Come launch though, everything either totally pays off or falls apart entirely; the rubber meeting the road... or the road not loading in whatsoever.

Opinion columns are written, Youtube videos are made - and that's pretty much that. A certain game is deemed terrible forever, or something capitalised on the hype, and it's positive reception is solidified as a must-play.

However, what about those games that received significant work post-launch, or for any number of reasons, were totally overlooked by the vast majority at the time?

For better or worse, games can be patched and changed after release, meaning all those initial impressions are just as subject to change as the games themselves.

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