10 Divisive Video Games You Either Love Or Hate

No two people will ever agree on GTA IV. Ever.

gta iv nico

Gaming is a largely subjective medium, with objectively great games finding hate amongst the populace and objectively horrible games finding die-hard fans to defend them. Most of the time there is a general majority that defines the quality of the game, but sometimes gamers are split down the middle and are completely divided.

These are the types of games that inspire devotion in one half and disgust in the other, games that are either hated or loved, games whose flaws are deplorable in one person's eyes and endearing in another and games that so divisive that they inspire wars between fans and haters that span forum after forum.

And it's easy to see why some of these games are loved and hated. A lot of them come down to personal preference, but a fair few are objectively good games that have attached stigmas that make them appear bad in some people's eyes. Even some games are fundamentally broken, but the gameplay can be enough for players to fall in love. Regardless, here are ten divisive video games you either love or hate. Let us know which side you're on!

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