10 Dumbest Plot Reveals In Gaming History

Resident Evil 5, where Jill Valentine's character died.

resident evil 5 jill

When a shocking twist is done well, it has the power to really stick with you.

Finding out you've been killing colossi for the villain's benefit, or that GLaDOS was human are just a couple of twists that are both original and done very well.

That can't be said for every reveal in gaming, though. Whilst the absolute daftest is "your dead wife is your bionic arm", there are some that aren't far off of that. Plot-convenient devices like sleep and memory loss are just two of the laziest and dumbest, but it doesn't stop there.

Retconning stories to fit a twist that had no build up, ruining both sequel and original game, is pretty near the top. As is pulling a crafty yet failed attempt at the game you're playing actually being very meta, and sullying the lineage of the series thus far.

For every good there must be a bad, for every twist about a soldier's real mindset, there must be something completely naff to balance it out. A karmic balance for shocking and dumb twists to coexist.

With that in mind, and obviously there will be spoilers for the games listed, here are ten of some the dumbest and most downright disrespectful plot twists in gaming.

10. Detroit: Become Human - Alice Is An Android Too

resident evil 5 jill
Quantic Dream

Throughout the years, many a piece of science fiction has tackled "Can artificial intelligence replicate human emotion?". Works like Blade Runner, I, Robot and Ex Machina, to name a few. It's a scary prospect, but a relevant topic.

So, trust good ol' David Cage to completely miss the point in one of Detroit: Become Human's story arcs. Connor and Markus' stories are, whilst a bit hammy, somewhat relatable with established interpretations.

Kara's... not so much, and here's why:

She's a robot nanny, programmed for housework and other tasks. Seeing her break her programming and care for Alice is admirable, and has us thinking that she may have learnt human compassion. At least it would have, if not for something to derail it later on.

Something like Alice is also a bloody android.

First off, can't androids sense other androids? You'd think that'd be, like, an inherent software mechanic. But more importantly, it undoes any sentiment for Kara showing human-learnt compassion and protective instinct, because she was never looking after a vulnerable human.

For all we know, it's one android protecting another, borne of in-built command.


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