10 Dumbest Plot Reveals In Gaming History

9. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Desmond Stabs Lucy

resident evil 5 jill

Assassin's Creed current-world story, that ran alongside the Animus parts, was divisive but did its best to keep events on track. Desmond's capture, Abstergo using him to find pieces of Eden, and the inevitable escape, all played accompaniment to the leapy-stabby main gameplay.

But, with a twist like this, it's not hard to see why players weren't keen on it.

It's established early on that Lucy, an Abstergo employee, is actually a double-agent for the assassins. Hence why she aides Desmond's escape. But then, right at the final moment, Desmond (under the influence of Juno) stabs her.

And why? Because Lucy is a triple agent.

However, there's a massive, glaring omission here: Assassins (in this universe) are meant to be immune to influence from the Old Ones/pieces of Eden - it's why ancient assassins were able to break free of the Old Ones' facilities in the first place. Juno shouldn't be able to possess Desmond, let alone steer his blade Vainto Lucy's stomach.

It was certainly shocking to watch, but as soon as that magic wears off, it leaves more plot holes than it does cliffhangers for the next game.


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