10 Dumbest Reasons Video Games ALMOST Got Cancelled

8. Restructuring - Bayonetta 2

No mans sky normandy
Platinum Games

PlatinumGames did well straight off the bat, since their first two games, MadWorld and Infinite Space, were met with praise.

But their third title, Bayonetta, blew everything out of the water. Due to the sexy hack-n'-slasher's innovative gameplay, mesmerising cut-scenes, and creative mechanics, we knew PlatinumGames had forged the next big franchise. Selling over a million copies, it looked like there was a 100% chance Bayonetta 2 was on the cards.

Sadly, all hope seemed lost after Bayonetta's publisher, Sega, uttered that dreaded word - restructuring. Due to financial issues, company execs decided to axe several potential titles, including the Bayonetta sequel.

According to Bayonetta's co-writer, Hideki Kamiya, his company scrambled for funding from other publishers, but were repeatedly turned down. With nowhere else to turn, Bayonetta 2 was done for.

Suddenly, PlatinumGames' saviour came from the strangest source imaginable - Nintendo. Despite being a family-friendly company, the Japanese titan was eager to turn the hyper-violent sequel into a Wii U exclusive.

Bayonetta 2 became one of the highest rated Wii U games, to the point where gamers purchased the console just to play it! Nearly a decade later, the series is still going strong, with the recently released Bayonetta 3 and Bayonetta Origins, all thanks to Nintendo's intervention.


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