10 Dumbest Video Game Costumes We Absolutely LOVE

Practical? No. Hilarious? Absolutely.


Unlockable costumes are an Easter egg of sorts that has been an inherent part of gaming for the longest time.

Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat offered palette swaps and colour-coded ninjas, before the likes of Tekken stepped it up with alternate costumes for fighters. Superhero games added more variety to their wardrobes, with Rocksteady's Batman trilogy offering up costumes based on the Dark Knight's various time - and story - lines.

We've never seen Batman dressed as a giant fish though, have we?

I don't recall ever seeing Alucard ever chucking on some gold bodypaint, or Nathan Drake donning a paper bag lest anyone recognise the smug git.

Luckily, there are some developers with a sense of humour out there, and we're thankful for it.

There's nothing funnier than unlocking something so downright ludicrous, so out of place in their setting or relevant character wearing it that we can't help but laugh.

From panda suits, bonnets, full suits of armour to clunky relics of the past and cheerleading outfits (sans pompoms), nothing is sacred for the sake of cracking a smile on players faces.

I guess now we finally have an answer to that age old question, "Have you ever seen a dinosaur in a frilly skirt?"

You're welcome.

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