10 Early Game Enemies That Came As A Nasty Surprise

Getting your ass kicked within minute of starting the game.

Firaxis Games

As the old saw goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day.Whether it’s learning to ride a bicycle, do Mathematics, or speak in public, taking a slow and measured approach to acquiring a new skill is always preferable to going for broke on the first try (unless you want to go head first over the handlebars).

Gaming is no different, with the traditional difficulty curve starting slow and ramping up, allowing players to enjoy the challenge without feeling frustrated, and creating a sense of accomplishment once the game is completed.

But then there are cases where the expected smooth rise to the top is rudely interrupted by an opponent, be it a regular mook or a boss, which came late to the briefing and decided to kick your butt instead. Sometimes the developers are trolling, and other times it is a brilliant bit of creative thinking, but either way, when it happens it comes as a rude shock.

Still, overcoming an unexpected challenge makes for a great war story, and games, more than any other entertainment medium, are built on great war stories. Here are just a few of the enemies that have laid new players low, and been all the more memorable for it.


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