10 Early PS4 Games Worth Playing In 2020

9. Farpoint


Okay, this entry might be cheating, a little/lot, but hey, I said PlayStation 4, not excluding its accessories. Don't worry, this is the only VR game on the list, which should speak volumes for its quality.

The shooting feels great with the PSVR Aim, the variety of weapons complimenting many different play styles from the long-distance sniping to the crowd-controlling close range shottie. Immersion is high, allowing a decent amount of scares ranging from those little crab creatures to the gargantuan bosses that pop up on occasion.

The story, while not breathtaking, is engaging enough to pull the player in, and the excellent presentation really cements the gamer's immersion in the world through the well-displayed planes for exploration and gunplay. The cutscenes are acted and portrayed well, with details such as character's expressions not overlooked or overplayed.

PlayStation VR games are hit or miss due to the complications that come with such a system, like difficulties with camera placement or lack of space to maneuvre, but there truly are diamonds in the rough if you simply choose carefully. With that in mind, if there's one VR game that deserves a spot on this list, it's Farpoint.


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