10 Early Versions Of Iconic Video Game Characters You Won't Believe

From hunting Little Chipmunks in Bioshock, to a version of Kratos with dreadlocks.

Sometimes a character€™s look defines them, so much so that fans will often protest against even the smallest cosmetic changes to their favourite heroes.

Remember the uproar surrounding Ninja Theory€™s redesign of Dante back in 2013? Before anything was known about the changes to his character, fans of the original DMC were outraged that their favourite hero was going to have black hair instead of white. In fact, they were so upset by the change, that many signed petitions refusing to purchase the new game until Ninja Theory reverted their decision. That€™s right, these people cared so much about a guy€™s hair colour, that they tried to outright boycott the new game before they'd even seen it in motion.

I think it€™s fair to say, people can be picky, which is why it€™s so interesting to see just how different characters often appear in early stages of development. Just look at the early designs for Master Chief (pictured above), he looks more like an extra from Starship Troopers than he does the Spartan hero we all know and love. Sometimes a character can undergo several changes before we're treated to the final product, transforming from a crude sketch in someone€™s notebook to a fully fleshed out avatar running around onscreen...

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