10 Early Versions Of Iconic Video Game Characters You Won't Believe

10. Bioshock's Little Sisters Were Chipmunks

There'€™s nothing more unnerving than an innocent-looking child gone wrong. It€™s a simple image, but an effective one. For that reason, I have to credit 2K with their restraint, as judging by these early designs it appears that someone on the team preferred the little sisters look like strange chipmunk creatures, or squirrels. Either way, they're pretty ridiculous.

Luckily, common sense won out and the initial designs were dropped in favour of more conventional looking creepy children. It goes to show, sometimes the simplest images can strike the greatest chord with the audience.

Personally, I can€™t see the chipmunk children blending into the world of Bioshock, and thankfully, we€™ll never have to find out.

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