10 Early Viral Video Games You Forgot Were Everywhere

Among Us isn't the first game to take the world by storm.

Lima Sky

It's easy to forget games as the years pass. With hundreds upon hundreds of new releases coming out every year across a range of different consoles, it's near impossible to recall them all. But during the previous decade there was a substantial boom of viral games, often found on mobile devices and websites. These games were easy to access, fun and simple to play and quickly became viral hits.

Many of these games aren't really spoken about these days. The lucky ones may have gone on to get proper releases on home consoles, but many eventually fade into obscurity after their time in the spotlight. It's actually quite impressive how quickly some of these games can go from being all you see and hear about over social media to becoming a relic of the past.

It also seems like viral games are less common these days. While Among Us has certainly risen in popularity in the past few weeks, before that there aren't many games that had as much of an impact such as games like Temple Run and Flappy Bird. Depending on how you feel about some of these games, maybe you think that's for best.

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