10 Essential Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Warhammer 40K Crusade

Muster your Order of Battle it is time to Crusade across the stars of the 40,000 Universe.

Warhammer 40k 9th
Games Workshop

9th edition is in full swing and you may be thinking of delving into Games Workshops new approach to narrative games, the crusade.

This additional mode to 9th edition ruleset allows you to scratch that narrative itch whilst developing your playstyle to suit whichever faction you love. Games Workshop have pledged that they will be releasing Crusade content through out 9th within the codices of each army.

Since the release of the core book they have already added a tonne of content to Crusade including a dive into the Pariah Nexus the epicentre of Necron’s awakening. If this is the trend of the Crusade books then we, as a community, can be in the heart of the current lore of the Warhammer 40,000.

Let yourself be swept up in journey that your forces take as they wage war across the galaxy. Whether that be in service to the Greater Good or to sate the appetite of Blood God’s fury, that is up to you.

10. Start A New Army Project

New edition, new army and this has never been truer than 9th edition.

The game mode encourages your army to start as a smaller, ragtag band of warriors/mushrooms/daemons that grows into a mighty force to be feared across the skies.

This is the most fun and organic way to build up an army that Games Workshop has come up with. It almost feels like this is what they wanted Kill Team to do for the Community but never really did.

They’ve even have begun replacing the “Start Collecting” Boxes with “Combat Patrol” forces. Within one of these is enough to play the early missions of Crusade and get a feel for the faction without dropping a lot of cash on multiple items.

By the end of the first three missions you will likely have grow quite attached to your fledgling force and will be clucking to add more.

If ever there was a good reason to begin another force, Crusade is it!

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Hailing from Sunny Wales, Joe has a disposition similar to the weather of his country. Grim... and... dark. This has lended well to his obsession with all things grimdark in the 41st Millennium. Willing to fight and die for the Emperor and Dorn, Joe will crusade his way through all of the Black Library and beyond.