10 Essential Video Game DLC Packs

GTA IV's DLC was almost better than the main game.

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DLC - or Downloadable Content - is a phrase that can often be met with caution among gamers in recent years.

Sometimes seen by many as a lazy cash-grab tactic by develops to get their grubby hands on your hard-earned money, however, that’s not always the case. DLCs have been around for some time now and can take on many forms.

Not to be confused with those pesky Micro-transactions, DLC often, although not exclusively, refers to expansions to the main game’s content. This is usually in the form of more quests to complete, weapons to put to use or even whole new sprawling locations to explore.

When done right, they can be a great way to give players more of the content they love, or can even be an opportunity for developers to try something experimental that likely wouldn’t be wise for a full-fledged game of its own.

Many DLCs have gone on to prove worthwhile, some even go as far as giving players content-rich experiences that would give full-fledged titles a run for their money.

10. XCOM 2 - War Of The Chosen

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Released 18 months after XCOM2, War of The Chosen introduced a slew of new content to the base campaign, including new factions, systems, enemies and classes to help your resistance against the alien invasion.

The DLC stopped just shy of revolutionizing the entire base game although it added a ton of new content and quality of life improvements that refreshed the main campaign.

New boss-like Chosen enemies are a standout as they appear within missions to thwart your progress, proving themselves to be worthwhile adversaries and engaging antagonists throughout your campaign.

This pack also introduces zombies called The Lost, that will tear whoever, or whatever, is closest to them to shreds, making for some truly tense missions as you look to keep your merry-band of super-soldiers alive.

The new classes and fatigue system also change the way in which you will tackle the campaign. No longer is it possible to roll with one squad throughout the campaign, as you now need to rotate to keep them in top condition.

The War of the Chosen managed to freshen up the XCOM2 campaign enough without damaging the already excellent formula. That’s a win in our book.

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