10 Exact Moments That Killed Video Game Franchises

10. Dance... Combat?! - Def Jam: ICON

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I will forever stand by the first two Def Jam games as the best brawler-meet-fighting games ever released. The first, Vendetta, was more a straight wrestling game, albeit with ludicrously OTT slams, spins and finishing moves that were a blast to chain together and experiment with.

Fight For New York built on this perfectly, speeding things up, refining the presentation and taking battles to the streets with some brutal environmental interactions.

It's literally The Most Fun, and every day it isn't available on Switch is a cardinal sin.

However, after both these titles, developers AKI Corporation moved off the project, and one of EA's various teams - called EA Chicago at the time - stepped in.

Sadly... they killed the momentum this series had right there and then.

Showing off some promising trailers and screenshots, ICON's big innovation was "making the environment a weapon". How? By trying to attack and keep a rhythm at the same time. It meant levels pulsated along with your punches and kicks, but actual control and feedback was horribly sluggish.

All it took was one terribly received demo to result in godawful sales and 6/10 scores across the board, and the franchise was done.

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