10 Exact Moments That Killed Video Game Franchises

9. The Boulder-Punch - Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 Chris

I didn't say anything about games coming back from death, because man is it obvious that Resident Evil went down a dark path, before saving itself before it was too late.

Resident Evil VII is ostensibly a full reboot - redesigning key characters and swapping the perspective to first-person - but that period after RE4 started to veer into full-on anime territory was a sight to behold.

As if trying to match the stupidity of the Resident Evil films, come the scene where Chris Redfield has his path blocked by a giant boulder when chasing Wesker through a volcano (don't ask), his solution is to shoulder-barge and punch it out the way.

Playable as a quick-time event where you're just mashing buttons along with uppercuts and hooks, the sequence went on to exemplify everything people were already sick of with this new direction - to say nothing of how full-on dumb RE6 would feel afterwards.

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