10 EXACT Moments That Made Great Video Games Even Better

When we knew we were playing something special.

bioshock infinite

There’s a myriad of reasons why we adore video games.

Whether it’s their ability to deliver unforgettable narrative experiences that will stick with us forever, setting us lose within vast worlds brimming with life and imagination, or gripping us with spectacular set pieces that can shock and surprise, there are countless moments that stick out in our memories whenever we think about our favourite games.

Whenever these various elements come together as intended, they have the power to resonate deeply with players, or even cause them to see the world around them in a new perspective. This is what great storytelling and art is capable of (and video games are art), and when we see this happening in a game, we know we’ve came across something special.

As astronomically huge as games can be in terms of their narrative scope, narrative content, and sheer scale, however, there are often plenty of much smaller moments encountered along the way which underscores the game's overall excellence.

Sometimes, however, it's the smaller moments that have the power to transform a good game into a phenomenal one within an instant.

10. Shooting A Hole In Mars - Doom Eternal (2020)

bioshock infinite

“Subtle” isn’t a word that can be used to describe the Doom series, especially when it came to 2020’s Doom Eternal. Much like its predecessor, Eternal was a bombastic, gory, and challenging shooter that wore its metal album aesthetic proudly on its sleeve while relishing in every second of its over-the-top carnage.

With the first half of the game once again seeing The Doom Slayer effortlessly ripping and tearing his way through an army of demons, Doom Eternal hit the ground running.

By refining and building upon the core gameplay loop, pulling off glory kills was as satisfying as ever. The sequel was everything players expected. But the team at Id Interactive managed to make Eternal more ridiculously amazing.

Towards the midpoint of the game, Doomguy needs to make their way to Mars’s core to reach their next target. However, with no direct way to get there, the game takes the most Doom-ish approach and tasks you with reaching a gigantic version of the iconic BFG to blow a hole in the planet’s surface.

Turning up the insanity to 11, there is no moment that best encapsulates the spirit of the Doom series than this one.


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