10 EXACT Moments Video Game Fans Tapped Out

9. $75 For Skins - Marvel’s Avengers

marvels avengers captain america
Square Enix

It’s fair to say that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe put up with a lot and generally they’re a forgiving bunch. That goes doubly for fans of Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers video game which has already gone through the ringer for its broken matchmaking, uninspired endgame, and repetitive mechanics.

All that said, there were a dedicated bunch who stuck with it anyway, insisting the game really isn’t that bad. Then they went and tried to get those people to pay $75 for skins and that patience wore out.

Keep in mind these are the people who defended the game through all its early microtransactions including its XP boost that could only be purchased with real world money. A boost that was implemented after Crystal Dynamics altered the progression system to make it slower to level up which is pretty darn shady. Though this boost was dropped after only a month due to backlash the same consumer unfriendly tactics were pulled just a couple of months ago when the MCU Outfit Pack dropped and it was revealed the 10 outfits would run players $75. In some regions that’s even more than the game itself costs.

I feel like you don’t need me to explain why a bunch of people just shrugged their shoulders and walked away at that point.


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