10 Exact Moments Video Games Stopped Trying

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Making a video game that is fit for legendary status amongst the gaming community is certainly no walk in the park. Unlike other forms of entertainment, video games have to find a way of pulling together everything from each and every musical score and animation, to writing in a storyline that fits the tone of the game and brings out the best in its characters.

It's essentially a process of blending in a whole host of skills from the world of entertainment into one single release and praying that it goes down well with fans and critics.

So often, producers and executives don't seem to understand how demanding getting all of these things implemented can be on a design team, chucking at them unrealistic deadlines and ridiculously small budgets for their work.

With so much work required, it's natural to stumble across a moment in a game where a player can instantly tell that the creative juices ran a bit dry in the office, or the time or budget restraints began to catch up with a team. From unfulfilled characters and villains, unpolished features and visuals, and straight up lazy inclusions to a franchise, here's our take on ten exact moments when video games stopped trying to push the boat, and instead gave up completely.

10. Making Everything A Cinematic - Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil has established itself as arguably the most influential and successful video game in the horror genre. The biggest reason for this is the real sense of surviving the game is able to convey through its lack of resources and the intense moments of strategy that come into play. Every bullet and medical supply feels so sacred that it helps keep the player's adrenaline pumping from the first mission to the last.

So what happens when the series decides to skimp out on this survival horror success and go all in for a four-part campaign filled with overly-polished cinematics and corny dialogue?

Resident Evil 6 is easily the most divisive game in the original series, and the choice to take out the intricate strategy in order to pull in more attention on the game's overall look went a long way in alienating a lot of fans of the series.

Style should never come before substance, but sadly this phrase immediately springs to mind when thinking about Resident Evil 6. The game certainly looks solid enough, and would have been great for Capcom to showcase, but there's no denying that Resident Evil 6 is the exact point in which trying to keep the original formula of the franchise was properly scrapped.


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