10 Exact Moments Where Video Game Immersion Was Shattered

8. Repetitive Voice Lines

Heavy Rain Thumbnail
Quantic Dream

"JASON! JASON!" sound familiar?

If you are one of the few lucky people to not know where that banger of a line comes from, it's time to spoil that kind hand that fate has dealt you. This line comes from an infamous scene in Heavy Rain, wherein you - playing Jason's father Ethan - run around a mall shouting for your lost son.

Doesn't sound all that funny, right? Well it's not supposed to be, but because approximately three voice lines were recorded for it, Ethan brokenly repeats them half a dozen times during this section of the game, which quickly becomes accidentally hilarious.

This is perhaps the best example of why recording sufficient voice lines are important for a game. While certain scenarios don't require more than one line repeated, serious moments can quickly become totally surreal if there isn't a wealth of different dialogue to hear - especially if said dialogue is one word repeatedly shouted.

In a time where Telltale-esque choose-your-own-adventure games are becoming steadily more popular and big budget, we can only hope more and more focus goes on showcase a game's voice actors and their skills - instead of accidentally making them into a meme.


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