10 Exact Moments Where Video Game Immersion Was Shattered

9. Saving Reminders

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Being reminded to save is both a blessing and a curse in video games. On one hand, not being reminded by a game means there's a good chance that, if you die, you're going to be set back possibly hours ago when you last saved your game, which is a painful, painful fate.

But on the other hand, there is definitely a line in the sand as to how often is acceptable to be reminded. Get a game that constantly bothers you about saving, and you can't help but feel like you accidentally bought yourself some extra chores to be nagged about doing constantly.

This is even worse if a character explicitly tells you to save, because suddenly this collection of pixels if your new parent, and a very nagging one - especially when the game could have just implemented auto saves instead.

Paradoxically, this can actually encourage you to not save out of some strange feeling of spite, meaning not only has your immersion been painfully broken, but there's also still a chance you'll die having last saved three hours ago. The only thing bitterer than dying without saving is dying without saving whilst knowing the game screamed at you about it every chance it got.


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