10 EXACT Moments You Tapped Out Of Horror Games

9. When You See It, Don’t Move - Faith: The Unholy Trinity

resident evil village

Many people look at Faith: The Unholy Trinity and think, "Who would get scared by an 8-bit game?" Then, they give it a go and realise they are not immune to its spooky tricks.

This unique horror trilogy is filled to the brim with clever scares. Still, while there's plenty to be freaked out by, this encounter with the Peekaboo Demon really sells what makes Faith so frightening.

The moment comes in Chapter II when the protagonist, John, investigates the Candy Tunnel. Inside, you'll find a room with four pillars that can be pieced together to read, "When you see it, don't move." Ooh, now, what could that mean?

This ominous warning is soon put into practice, as in the next room, a terrifying demon approaches you, and you must stay still to survive it. The horrible creature walks towards you, looking like something from a Guillermo del Toro movie. It is utterly spine-chilling.

The Atari-style visuals give the creature an uncanny vibe, making this moment even scarier. You can also choose not to heed the warnings given to you and try to run away. But the results won't be pretty.


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