10 Exciting RPG Video Games Coming In 2022 (And Beyond) 

9. Dragon Age 4

Final Fantasy 16

It is safe to say that Bioware have had a troubled few years. Mass Effect Andromeda was not received particularly well received and considering it is part of one of the most beloved franchises in all of gaming, that left many fans extremely disappointed.

Following this up with Anthem, one of the biggest AAA flops in gaming history seemingly confirmed that Bioware's descent from greatness was here to stay.

So when Dragon Age 4 was announced, fans of the long running RPG franchise were not filled with hope for the next generation entry. However, following the downfall of Anthem, Bioware decided to shift the direction of Dragon Age 4 from a live service model to a strictly single player, story-focused experience.

Dragon Age fans everywhere have since rejoiced and hope has started to return that perhaps Bioware can once again create a stellar RPG experience. Whilst details on the game are currently lacking, concept art provided by Bioware shows off stunning environments, varied classes and mythical monsters.


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