10 Most Expensive Console Launch Prices

Be outraged at how much you spent on these consoles that now sit gathering dust on your shelf.

Consoles3 Console launch prices are under constant scrutiny and healthy debate as being the only daunting wall gamers need to vault over to relish in the joys of a new loading screen. Depending on your stance in the economy these prices can either have no disruptive bearing on your finances, or can form part of an uproarious outrage flow that always spills onto the internet in various guises for my entertainment. At the reveal of the Xbox One and PS4, once the shiny boxes were unveiled, the sights of the gaming world collapsed into hot tunnel vision for their price points. Cheers were made when the PS4 stormed in at $399/£350/‚399 while Xbox One lumbered in with a crowd silencing hear-the-fart-from-the-back-row $500/£430/‚500. Judging by the sales of both consoles, the price points didn't manage to put many gamers off as both consoles are selling well, with the PS4 marginally outselling the Xbox One as expected, but the future is bright for both consoles. Introductory prices for consoles can always put a sizeable dent in the hopes of their makers and there have been some shockingly costly pieces of kit put into retail stores in the past. Some of those will feature on this list for your gawping pleasure in WhatCulture's rundown of the top 10 most expensive console launch prices.
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