10 Most Expensive Console Launch Prices

10. Colecovision $175

Untitled20 The Colecovision was released in 1982 boasting near arcade quality graphics entertainment from the comfort of your own home. The console managed to wow gamers of the early 80s with faithful conversions of Donkey Kong, which was included in the launch price as an extra bonus. All that was required was to stump up the price of $175 and the sprite based box was yours to own forever. Colecovision sold well, largely thanks to Donkey Kong being available at first but the console managed to take its own strides with faithful ports of various arcade games that were terrible on the more popular Atari 2600 by comparison. The future looked bright for Colecovision until the disastrous gaming market crash of 1983 which heralded the slow downfall of the consoles sales before it was discontinued in 1985. Inflation Price: $422
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