10 Failed PS2 Games That Became Cult Classics

9. Extermination

Shadow of rome
Deep Space

Launch window titles are rarely remembered, with only Nintendo known for starting their new consoles off on extremely good notes. Even then, their batting average can be off sometimes.

One of the launch titles for the PS2 was Deep Space's Extermination, intended to be Resident Evil for the next generation of consoles. Mainly due to the fact that Deep Space was made up of a bunch of former Resident Evil devs.

The reason you don't remember this game alongside the other, better-received launch titles for the PS2 is that the game sold like absolute garbage.

It isn't hard to see why when playing, as while the deliberately slow gameplay of the PS1-era RE games has been appreciated in recent years, back then, folks wanted something more innovative to go with their new console.

Fortunately, Extermination has become better appreciated in the years since, mostly due to the fact that, shock of all shocks for a game made by the team that revolutionized survival-horror, Extermination is a VERY good Resident Evil clone.

It's short, sweet, often genuinely terrifying, and a John Carpenter's The Thing approach helps it stand out from the series it's copying so much from. It's definitely a better option to play than the game actually based on The Thing.


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