10 Famous Video Game Rivalries With A Clear Winner

Flawless victory.

Mortal Kombat STREET fighter

As gamers, we love rivalries.

If any two games have noticeable similarities, it’s natural that they get compared in some way or another. Whether because they’re in the same franchise, have similar gameplay, or just because we want to see how they stack up, if there’s a way to compare, it’s almost inevitable.

However, there are some rivalries that are much much stronger than others. There are some that have lasted for generations, and even a select few that have actively been played up by developers and publishers.

Let’s be real here though- in almost all of those cases, isn’t it clear who the winner is?

Entertainment is absolutely a subjective thing and whatever opinion you have is great, but when looking at things critically, isn’t there always going to be a winner? Don’t some games simply make more impact on the world?

It’s time to take away the niceties and crown some winners.

10. Crash Bandicoot Vs. Spyro The Dragon

Mortal Kombat STREET fighter

Winner: Crash Bandicoot

Two platforming mascots from a time long-gone both making a big comeback at the same time? What a world we live in.

Crash made the leap into the current generation first, with three remastered titles, and Spyro shortly following the year after.

The difficult part comes with how great these three games are for both characters. Although Crash’s more focused gameplay has arguably more widespread appeal, Spyro’s collect-a-thon focus can be just as captivating.

It’s really what happened to the characters after their initial games that makes this decision easy.

Where Crash had a few mediocre releases after his third entry, he didn’t jump as far off the rails as Spyro did. It went so far that Spyro’s biggest impact over the last generation was being mascot to a toys-to-life franchise Skylanders, that barely involved him at all.

The masterpiece that is Crash Team Racing also helps spin this in favour of everyone's favourite bandicoot.


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