10 Famous Video Game Rivalries With A Clear Winner

9. Metal Gear Solid Vs. Splinter Cell


WINNER: Metal Gear Solid

There's a reason why everyone is excited for Death Stranding.

The stealth genre is pretty closed off from the rest of gaming, but there are two main figureheads that everyone likes to compare. Well, them and a certain bald hitman.

The original Splinter Cell titles all had a laser-focus on stealth that really made them memorable. They really felt like the definitive covert games, all the way until the change of pace that was Conviction.

However this focus on stealth can also be said of the Metal Gear Solids games, and both games go about it in very different ways.

The madness of Metal Gear Solid is really what puts it apart from not only Splinter Cell, but almost all games in general. There’s something incredibly special about the game that really sets it apart, whereas Splinter Cell is fairly generic in comparison.

The saddest part of the whole situation is that we’re not likely to see either of these two franchises return anytime soon.

I salute you both.


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