10 Fan-Made Video Game Remakes That Were Better Than The Original

Doing what the industry won't, and remaking the games you actually want.

Aside from pumping countless hours into a virtual game world or spending time watching people play on Twitch, some hardcore gamers have other ways of expressing their love for the industry: making one of their own. Or more specifically, making a custom version of their favourite game. As good as Goldeneye or Half-Life was, some gamers felt that there was still room for improvement. Developers tend to be perfectly happy for fans to take their creations and run with them too (providing that there€™s no profit to be made), and some fans have gone the extra mile to make their newer iterations genuinely brilliant. Some fan-remakes have actually been so well-made, that you€™re probably more inclined to play some of them over the originals.

10. Skywind

Out of all the Elder Scrolls games, Morrowind featured one of Bethesda's best and quirkiest game worlds. But if you have to make a criticism about that game, it's that the graphics and certain gameplay systems haven't aged very well. Seeing as how Morrowind is still rock solid as a gaming experience, fans saw an opportunity for a much-needed update when Bethesda released Skyrim. Noticing how much better Skyrim's game engine was at rendering massive open worlds, some fans thought to undertake an ambitious project to remake Morrowind in its entirety using Skyrim's game engine. Titled 'Skywind', the project intends on combining the best parts of Morrowind with the graphical beauty, the new combat systems, and all the wonderful bugs of Skyrim. The prospect of seeing the weird and wonderful world of Morrowind after a HD-overhaul is a mouthwatering prospect, but despite the glorious screenshots that have been released for Skywind, there's a catch to this project. See, the reason why it isn't higher on the list is because it's actually still in development, and based on the fan reaction from a fairly recent alpha test, there's actually still a heap of work still left to be done.

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