10 Forgotten Horror Video Games That Will Scare You Senseless!

Terror from the recesses of time itself...


No matter its form, horror is embedded into nearly every aspect of our society. From gothic clothing, to reams of occult-centric text, and especially your cooking skills in university, it seems that everywhere we look there's something to remind us of death, chaos, and our fear of the unknown.

And there is no better medium to exploit our darkest worries than video games. By placing the player in direct control of a digitized avatar you blur the separation of the two worlds and therefore any damage or harm done to the character has a greater impact on the person holding the controller.

It's certainly a popular section of the gaming industry, as horror titles have been flooding the market with jump scares, horrible beasts and of course brutal depictions of violence for years. However, such a cavalcade of corpses means that some true horror gems have been buried more than six-foot deep. Therefore, it's time to bust out the shovel and unearth those that might not have been given enough chance to shine but can still send shivers down those spines.

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