10 Forgotten Horror Video Games That Will Scare You Senseless!

9. Galerians

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Galerians is hands down my type of game.

It's got that lovely/horrible aesthetic where every corridor and character looks grimy, broken and just a little bit "off" making it drip with an unpleasant feeling, and the tight "Resident Evil" fixed camera angles mean that there's a sense of claustrophobic dread in every scene.

Plus you get to obliterate people with psychic abilities. Forgot to lead with that bit.

However, before you think this will be like Second Sight or Psi-Ops, the survival horror elements come in hard to crash the party. Using your abilities with wanton abandon will leave you completely vulnerable as they drain what amounts to a stamina meter quickly, and replenishments are hard to come by. This is what makes Galerians so special: that you're a walking supernova of power, but one that's unstable.

The voice acting and plot are grade A cheese, which will act as a love letter to fans of the schlocky horror movie sub-genre, but at its heart, the tension and horror that comes from witnessing the exploitation of human guinea pigs is genuinely palpable.

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