10 Forgotten Xbox 360 Games You Should Play In 2020

Time to root through that treasure trove of back catalogue.

Sawaki Takeyasu

It's always easy, with each new console, to ignore those that might have slipped by us in previous generations.

Oh sure, we're predisposed to sequelised offerings and continuations of established franchises, like Gears of War and Uncharted... but what about the off-shoots we miss? Games that get derided for mixing up the established formula of its originals, despite carrying on the same themes. Western-consoled RPGs that aim to bottle lightning by recruiting creators of long-established franchises from the East?

Or it could already be once-revered franchises that saw their last great offering on the 360, before their parent company homogenised them into bland open-world messes that don't pass muster today.

Whatever the reason, the games on this list have disappeared over time. Despite critical acclaim, or at least decent praise, they often get brought up (like this) as nostalgia, only to fall back into the ether afterwards.

So instead, use this list as a catalyst to dig out these buried treasures. What better time than in this pre-season release limbo?

With that in mind, allow me to be your retro tour guide as we look at ten damn fine examples of forgotten Xbox 360 games that you owe it yourself to go back and give a chance.


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