10 Forgotten Xbox 360 Games You Should Play In 2020

10. Driver: San Francisco


The Driver series is often remembered for two sticking points: the supposedly difficult tutorial level in the first game, and the travesty of the third one.

Yet whilst heaps of praise was showered on Driver: San Francisco for reviving the flagging series... that was it.

Well, consider this your reminder to go and play the game that kept the series from dying, which ironically hasn't had another game since.

Driver: SF could have been any other sequel were it not for its Quantum Leap/Life On Mars gleamings that Ubisoft gambled with.

Putting your protagonist in a coma isn't usually a strong start, but in this case, it breathed life into the game. Letting Tanner hop between vehicles in a kind of out of body/possessing someone else's was a fresh take.

It meant that if you crashed, you just leap frog into the next car closest to the pursuit. Of course, there were certain limitations but for the most part, it was a great deal of fun.

It'd be nice to see more of Tanner's car-and-crime-solving capers. Please don't pull the plug, Ubisoft.


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