10 Games That Would Make Awesome Films

Movie remakes of classic games have a tendency to suck. Here are 10 games that would not suck, if they were handled correctly!

Film adaptations of computer games are notoriously bad. Is it because they chose the wrong games (Super Mario Bros......really?) or the wrong film makers (Paul W.S. Anderson.....please stop) or maybe it is just not the way things are meant to be. Well I firmly believe that a game can make a good film, you just have to pick the right games and the right people to make them. That is what I have done Hollywood, heed my words. I have done the job of a mega expensive movie producer and given you 10 pitches. All I ask in return is to see perhaps one good film adaptation of one of these epic games.

10. Crysis

Now, I'm not the biggest fan of the Crysis games. In fact, I downright disliked Crysis 2. Still, that isn't to say I don't like the ideas going on here. The nano-suit is a thing of beauty (so why they made it a first person game is beyond me) and I would love to see some dynamic and exciting nano-action in a movie. The alien invasion scenario isn't exactly original but fighting them off with a space age battle suit is pretty cool. I also like the idea from Crysis 2 that the main character is basically only being kept alive by the suit. That's cool! You know who I'd like to direct this? Paul Verhoeven. I see Crysis being a mix of Robocop and Starship Troopers, with some ultra-violent action and a nice twist of satire to boot. I'd also be tempted to star Denzel Washington as Nomad as let's face it, who else would you want in your corner when the alien shit hits the fan?

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