10 Games That Would Make Awesome Films

9. Need For Speed Undercover

You know what I want? A car movie that isn't just boy racer car porn. The Fast and the Furious franchise (how did it ever become a franchise?) may have featured some great car stunts and even the occasional awesome set piece but the films are just weak when the engine is turned off. Not to mention, the cars are really chavy. Anyone else notice that after The Fast and the Furious came out people suddenly started driving around in cars with dump valves? Nothing makes me want to grate my face off with a rusty pith peeler like neon coloured cars with stupid body work and lights under the chassis. Need For Speed Undercover could be the car film of my dreams. A tense undercover scenario where one cop must infiltrate a group of criminals, take part in illegal races and steal cars......oh wait that is just The Fast and the Furious. Crap. OK, what would be different is the way it is shot. This should be more Infernal Affairs meets Bullitt than surfer dude meets The Pacifier. The cars would also be cool and classy, a mix of new power machines and vintage muscle cars. It would still be car porn to an extent, how could it not, but it would be the classy kind of porn that has been photoshopped not the kind of cheap, nasty stuff you get in banner adverts on The Pirate Bay. In terms of directing, I'd go for Scorsese or Lau Wai Keung. Both masterfully handled the undercover cop drama Infernal Affairs (obviously The Departed in Scorsese's case) but it is Lau's Initial D that would win it for me. The guy has already made one of the best cop dramas and best driving movies ever. Acting wise, as long as Maggie Q was in I'd be OK.

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