10 Games You're Embarrassed To Admit You Play

Singstar We all have games that we're embarrassed to admit we play in our darkened, closed off bedrooms when nobody else is around; they might be silly, dumb, or downright sexy, and that's why others would think less of us if they knew what we were playing. As a result, we're forced to keep our loves for these games a closely-guarded secret, with the game case being hidden and the disc being placed inside the case of a "respectable" game like, say, Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life or Gears of War. As gamers, we should champion freedom of expression and proudly wear our gaming tastes on our sleeves, but that's just not how things are; people can be cruel, and they make us take our secret gaming loves underground. Here are 10 games you're embarrassed to admit you play...

10. Minecraft

MinecraftWhat People Will Say: You're not a real gamer. You're killing the gaming industry! It's news to no-one that Mojan's fiendishly addictive sandbox game has been a monster hit on both the PC and Xbox 360, inviting players to harness their creativity by building 3D constructions out of textured cubes. We've all seen the ridiculous structures that can be built in Minecraft, and there's no denying the addictive quality of the game; though it doesn't have any big objectives nor any real story, it's great fun just traversing this world and seeing what other people are getting up to as well. While the game sits well with more casual players who might also like things like Farmville, you're not supposed to admit you like this game if you're of the more hardcore ilk; apparently it's akin to turning on your own clan. They view the game as "not a real game", and by playing it, you're contributing to its success. Never, ever tell your friends that you're playing Minecraft online when they invite you to play some Gears of War. It won't go down well, believe me.
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