10 Gaming Franchises That Desperately NEED A New Game

These franchises have been dead for a long time but they need to return in the next generation.

Banjo-Kazooie Smash Bros. Ultimate

Gamers often complain about getting tired of seeing the same old games every single year. Series like Call of Duty, Forza, LEGO, Just Dance, or any sports series are going to come out on an annual basis until the end of time. This only makes the fact that many amazing gaming franchises have been missing for years and years, sometimes even longer than a decade, hurt worse.

These franchises are all still beloved by their many fans, but the publishers behind them don't seem to realize this. They don't understand that a true return to form for these series could potentially be huge successes, both financially and critically.

A smart way to capitalize on gamers growing bored with the current stable of frequent releases would be to reintroduce them to a series they haven't played in a long time, but still have fond memories of. These would be breath of fresh air for many players, who would be much more likely to buy these games than the annualized series they've become tired of.

These series are simply too good and important to gaming history to be left dormant. They deserve to remain in the spotlight, not become more and more forgotten each year.

10. Castlevania

Banjo-Kazooie Smash Bros. Ultimate

Castlevania is potentially more popular than ever right now, with the highly successful Netflix animated series entering its third season soon and both Simon and Richter Belmont being featured in the new Smash, but there hasn't been a new game in the series since 2014's Lords of Shadow 2. This is a huge mistake. Konami should be capitalizing on the resurgence of the series and making more games.

This seems unlikely though. Konami continues to distance itself further and further from console gaming, focusing more on mobile or arcade gaming. This is a move that has also significantly damaged other iconic franchises like Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Bomberman. Castlevania sticks out, however, because it makes so much sense for it to return.

Castlevania is hugely popular right now, but that won't last forever. The buzz of nostalgia caused by the Richters appearing in Smash Bros. Ultimate is fading with each new DLC pack added. The Netflix series also won't last forever, especially given Netflix's proclivity for cancelling shows after their third season.

Konami needs to jump on this opportunity before it's gone forever. Castlevania is massive right now, and a new game would garner a lot of excitement.


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