10 Gaming Moments IMPOSSIBLE To View The Same Way After This

7. The Sword-Inflicted Cuts On Nate's Clothes Are Dynamic (Uncharted 4: A Thief's End)

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Sony Interactive Entertainment

The devs over at Naughty Dog are masters of detail, with each of their releases pushing Sony's PlayStation hardware to its limits. Seriously, playing The Last Of Us Part II on a PS4 makes the damn thing sound like a jet engine.

Just take a peek at Uncharted 4, which is stuffed with cool moments (like an Assassin's Creed-style synchronisation at the top of a clock tower, or the dozens of optional conversations littered throughout the world) that the vast majority of gamers won't ever see, but enrich the experience for those who do.

The final sword battle against Rafe also contains a moment like this, displaying the game's remarkable attention to detail in the graphical department.

Now, we all know that swords are really pointy, and should definitely be avoided if some douchebag rival treasure hunter is waving one in your face. But for players who can't dodge all of Rafe's strikes? Nate's clothing will actually react to the sword in a realistic fashion, tearing open the fabric and cutting his flesh. On the other hand, if you don't get hit, our rugged hero will be squeaky-clean at the end of the sequence.

It's an awesome little touch that enhances the brutality of the fight without you even realizing, but when you do become aware of it, it's impossible to unsee - and maybe you'll even be a bit more careful to not get Nate sliced up like a slab of meat!


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